I decided to start creating assets relating to my iPhone idea. The videos attached show how I designed my icons.

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For this test I used the same website as my previous. During my last tutorial, Jon and I decided that to combat the responsive height issues with the site I could have a landing page with two options. One to take the user to a pop up window, scaled to the perfect size of the ‘composition’, and one to bypass this and head straight to a sort of index page with all the info a viewer might want.

On this test site I created a simple landing page with a click through button that opens a pop up with the dimensions 1260 x 720. The pop up links to the side scrolling interactive part of the site. I also added an interactive movable text box, this movable effect can be added to any element so this is something that could come in really useful on different sections of the site.


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I conducted a test creating a simple click through landing page and a subsequent horizontal scrolling page testing the difficulty in making a large horizontal plain and scrolling through it. Whilst the test is simple it does show the ease of making a horizontal scrolling page.

The page is tailored for a browser window size of 1280 x 720, which I think is going to be my preferred window size for the pop up I’m going to make.


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In order to combat the responsive height issue, I had the thought of having a landing page. Where the user accesses the site initially and has the ability to click on two links. One link that opens a pop-up window that houses the narrative part of the site that I want viewers to visit and another link that simply takes users past this and straight too a page that simply houses all the relevant information that an employer would want to see, this would be for returning viewers that don’t want to scroll through the entire site to get the focussed information.

One issue I can see coming from this is that people don’t like pop-ups. As they are typically seen as intrusive. Whilst I don’t believe this will be the case for something such as this, when the user will know that a pop-up is going to appear it is still something to consider.

A widget that allows easily customizable pop-ups can be found here:



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Following my research I don’t think it is possible to have interactive video within muse. Alternatively there is more room for interactivity throughout the site with different widgets.


Interactive scale widget:

This widget allows simple state changes when clicking or hovering on a button. Whilst this isn’t a massive level of interactivity it does add an extra level of depth and could work well when applied to the right elements.



Flashlight 404 widget:

This widget adds an editable 404 Error page with an interactive flashlight effect. Whilst it is highly unlikely that a user will 404 on my site it is a good failsafe and users will likely appreciate this interactive novelty.



Animation Effects Widget:

This widget allows the user to add 95 different customizable widgets that add some level of animation and interactivity to the site. Solely visual it can make the site a lot more interesting on the eyes for the user.



Movable Item Widget:

This widget allows the user to add a movable box on screen. I believe this could work well with some of my ideas if I’m able to frame other objects inside of this item.

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